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Metal Treatment Acquisition: Part of Strategic Initiative For Future Growth

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April 15, 2016

Metal Treatment Acquisition: Part of Strategic Initiative For Future Growth

Vancouver, BC - Enviro-Save Global Marketing Ltd of Williams Lake, is pleased to announce that it has recently acquired the marketing and distribution rights of Enviro-Save Metal Treatment.

According to the company’s President Bob Schneider “We acquired this industrial product line because we saw its potential, quality and value.” To make room for this product the company has expanded its warehouse space from 700 sq ft to 4200 sq ft. 

Enviro-Save is the brainchild of Warren Casperson whose vision was to create an industrial product whose one time application would reduce friction and wear on metal bearing surfaces in different types of mechanical components.  
As a compliment to, but unlike an oil substance that resides temporarily on the metal’s surface, his invention was a breakthrough in metal treatment technology. The substance when applied to any metal surface fills in the entire porous surface of the metal thereby making the metal bearing surface smooth, thus resulting in a reduction of friction and wear between the moving metal parts. According to Casperson “This increases both the efficiency and the overall life span of the entire mechanical unit, usually doubling or tripling its component life.  Some examples would include motors, transmission, differentials and hydraulics.”

Casperson saw the value of his invention transcending across many industries; most notably the transportation industry where he saw the vast amount of benefits that would be gained by the consumer. This would include an increase in vehicle life, a reduction in repair cost, an increase in fuel mileage, and a reduction in harmful emissions.

When asked about his future plans for his new acquisition, Schneider said “With this product line our intent is to consolidate our Canadian market and then to expand into the United States and eventually Asia.” He concluded by saying ”We are confident that our new business model will provide the consumers in Canada, the United States and Asia the opportunity to see the many  benefits that this amazing metal treatment product has to offer.“

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