Monday, 19 January 2015

What Is Enviro-Save?

What Is Enviro-Save?

Enviro-Save is not like anything you have read or heard about. It is not an oil additive or oil treatment. It is a one time metal treatment that performs a function that no oil, no oil additive or oil treatment can perform. Knowledgeable mechanical and lubrication engineers will confirm the differences and the results. 

There are only 2 ways to reduce friction, drag and wear metal rates in lubricated mechanical component: 

1) Use better lubricants
2) Make the bearing surfaces smoother = Enviro-Save

Enviro-Save makes all friction surfaces smoother with one application for the life of all components, such as; engines, transmissions, differentials, power-steering, wheel bearings oil hubs and hydraulic systems.

Scientific oil sample analysis reports have always confirmed a conservative wear reduction average of 50% since 1990, after using Enviro-Save Engine & Powertrain Protection Metal Treatment once.

What is the dollar savings from reducing friction and wear by 50% in every bearing surface in your trucks, vehicles and equipment?

Mechanics that are not familiar with oil sample analysis results and condemn or discourage the use of Enviro-Save are retarding your profits, by not reducing operating costs. 

Saving fuel by reducing wear and friction is a no brainer
Capital expense recovered many times, like no other!

For more information see Enviro-Save Global

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