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Introducing Enviro-Save Metal Treatment: Not An Oil Additive. Saves Fuel And Reduces Emissions

Enviro Save Metal Treatment




Enviro-Save Metal Treatment is a proprietary product which imparts an ultra low friction property to the bearing structure of all moving parts in engines and machinery. The treatment becomes resident in the surface asperity.

All Enviro-Save products are thoroughly researched and technically formulated to provide the safest and most compatible treatment for each type of component being treated. We believe that today's lubricants are sophisticated products which create an optimum anti friction environment within the performance limits of any separately applied medium. However, it is still possible to obtain extra benefits in the sphere of friction reduction by changing the nature of the bearing surface. this is how one application of Enviro-Save Metal Treatment achieves reductions in friction and wear. Oil sampling before and after treatment will show reductions in wear metal content and a 50% reduction in wear rates is common. treated engines also reduced sludge and carbon build up.

Enviro-Save products are not "oil additives", which by design alter the characteristics of the lubricants (oil or grease), and even though the engine's oil and fuel are used to transport the Enviro-Save Metal Treatment to all bearing surfaces, Enviro-Save Metal Treatment to all bearing surfaces. Envio-Save products have no effect on these fluids by way of altering their characteristics.

Unlike  oil additives, Enviro-Save Metal Treatment requirements are based on the surface area to be treated, not the oil system capacity. In the case of an engine, experience has shown this to be related to the cubic displacement.


Although the benefits may vary depending on the mechanical condition of the vehicle or equipment being treated. Enviro-Save Metal Treatment products are GUARANTEED TO REDUCE WEAR when used according to manufacturer's instructions. The many benefits from reducing friction/wear in mechanical components are listed below.

Reduced Emissions
Fuel Savings
Increased Operating Temperatures
Dry Start Protection
Reduced Oil Consumption
Storage/Corrosion Protection
Easier Starting
Less Vibration
Noise Reduction

which can be summarised as extending the life of your vehicle or equipment, and reducing operating costs. This adds up to ENVIRO-SAVE METAL TREATMENT IS COST EFFECTIVE.


Environment Canada state that over 70% of our present air pollution is caused by exhaust emissions from automobile and equipment. We can all help reduce pollution by using Envio-Save Metal Treatment products. Extending the life of mechanical components reduces the consumption of earth's nonrenewable resources. Reducing fuel consumption automatically reduces the volume of exhaust emissions and at the same time conserves our non renewable fossil fuels.


Envior-Save Metal Treatment reduces exhaust emissions by lowering fuel consumption, improving combustion and burning less oil.

Experience with this type of product shows that emission reduction as high as 50% in hydrocarbons and 30% in carbon dioxide can be achieved depending on the mechanical condition of the engine before treatment.


Enviro-Save Metal Treatment reduces fuel consumption. Test results on cars treated with the Powertrain Protection Kit have shown reductions in fuel consumption of 10% - some higher; new engines will return the lowest figures because the will still be operating near maximum cylinder efficiency. Older engines will exhibit the highest benefit as the treatment restores lost cylinder efficiency.

Fuel savings depend on how the vehicle is driven; for example if you continue to drive at your normal pace you will save fuel due to the higher mechanical efficiency of the vehicle. However, a driver who takes advantage of the improved performance of the powertrain for faster acceleration and/or speed will not see the same fuel savings. Such is the experience of the race driver, who will be only happy to use the faster acceleration.


Enviro-Save Metal Treatment reduces wear. A 50% reduction in wear rates is common, but this can vary with service hours/distance on the unit treated. Oil sampling before and after treatment will show the reduction in wear-metal content by analysis.

(To obtain truly comparative results, it is very important to be consistent in the service hours/mileage on the sample oil and in the method of extracting the oil sample. The best method for obtaining true, representative samples is to always, take them when the oil is hot and the engine is running; this requires a special sampling valve to be fitted in an oil pressure point, or the use of a portable sampling pump for extracting directly from the pump via the dipstick tube).


Enviro-Save Metal Treatment improves power output from engines in two ways: 1) by reducing friction horsepower and 2) by restoring engine output through recovery compression.

Dynamo meter tests performed by race car owners after treatment confirm that an increase of 10% in horsepower is common.

As operating time increases on engines, wear particles and dirt such as carbon, varnish and dust, accumulate n cylinder walls, rings and ring grooves. This will eventually lead to blowby and reduced compression.

Enviro-Save Engine Treatment has a very effective cleaner which will clean out and disperse these deposits. As the ring grooves are cleaned and the treatment progresses, blowby is reduced, and compression restored or normalise. Balanced compression improve efficiency.

Enviro-Save Engine Treatment often shows its effects by an increase in idle RPM, this is due to less friction throughout the engine, and normalised compression. However, higher idle RPM will normally only be experienced on carburetor-equipment engines; on fuel injected diesel and gas engines, the governor or computer control idle speed at a fixed RPM.

Many racing drivers have also experienced an advantageous increase in top end RPM.

Note: Like engine manufacturers, we do not recommend exceeding "refine" limits.


Enviro-Save Metal Treatment reduces the heat passing into the cooling system due to lower cylinder wall friction and less fuel being burned.

Similarly, by friction reduction it reduces the heat passing into the lubricating oil, as indicated by temperature gauges in transmissions, gears, bearing housings and air cooled engines.

However, in engines and machinery when the coolant and/or the lubricating oil temperatures is thermostatically controlled, it is necessary to record the temperature rise across each system in order to assess friction heat reduction.


The highest wear rates in engines occur during cold start up and during the first few minutes of running; in this period over 80% of wear takes place until lubricating oil has reached the extremities of the lubricating system. However, Enviro-Save Metal Treatment provides a resident dry lubricant on all bearing surfaces, ensuring lubrication and protection at all times which reduces wear rates considerably.


Enviro-Save Engine Treatment normally reduces oil consumption, sometimes by as much as 50%. However, the benefit would not normally be felt in a previously overheated or high wear engine where oil consumption is due to excessive clearances at piston rings, and valve seals or other mechanical damage.

Enviro-Save is not a "cure-all-in-a-can"

Normal oil consumption takes place due to oil burning. This occurs mainly at the upper end of the cylinder when oil trapped in the pore structure of the cylinder walls and around the upper piston rings and grooves is exposed to the heat from combustion.

When the Enviro-Save Engine Treatment is established, the oil retaining porous surface finish has become a resin filled structure offering a smooth surface with low oil retention thus preventing less oil to combustion heat.

Oil consumption is also improved by the release of sticking piston rings, achieved by the cleaning action of the treatment.


Enviro-Save Metal Treatment provides protection beyond most lubricants, against corrosion damage on bearing surfaces caused by moisture, air or acids. It provides excellent off season protection where equipment is idle or is stored for long periods.


Enviro-Save Engine Treatment will enable an engine to turn over more easily and faster. The starter will use less cranking power thus be starter, motor, battery and alternator, especially in cold climates.


Enviro-Save Metal Treatment contributes to smoother running equipment. Reduction of friction and formalising of compression results in the smoothing out of the mechanical motions in machinery and reciprocating engines. this smoothing out signifies a reduction in vibration which can be an insidious cause of component wear/failure.


Enviro-Save Gear Treatment will enhance the shifting of manual gears which are hard or sticky to operate; freedom of shifting improves with operating time, and transmission operate cooler and quieter.


All Enviro-Save (E-S) Metal Treatment products are proprietary; they have been technically formulated to ensure safety and compatibility for all applications, and to obtain the ultimate in treatment performance. The following products contain specially prepared mirco-resin particles and some, where necessary, include specially selected cleaning complexes to adequately remove contaminants from the bearing surface asperity, enabling the micro-resin particles to become a resident impregnation in the bearing surfaces.

When used as directed all products are guaranteed to reduce wear.


The greatest benefits and savings will be achieved by using the E-S POWERTRAIN PROTECTION KIT which is a comprehensive package assembled from the E-S product line. It includes treatment for your engine, transmission(s), differentials(s), power steering, planetary gears and hydraulic system(s).

And there is a 10% discount in the kit price over individual treatment costs.


This product is designed to reduce friction /wear in Gas/Propane?CNG engines, and consists of micro-resin, suspended in a cleaner/carrier. The product is proportional for the crankcase and fuel system/top end to ensure that treatment is distributed to all metal bearing surfaces of the engine's moving parts.


This treatment is specially designed for all 2 stroke engines, ie. outboards, motorcycles, snow machines, weed eaters, lawn mowers, water pumps, etc.. and is applied via the fuel or fuel/oil mixture, so that top end and bottom end bearing surfaces are treated. Improved performance is noticed immediately and the reduction in carbon build up is significant.

The treatment also affords protection to bearing surfaces against corrosion, which is very important during the off season.


This product is designed to reduce friction/wear in all diesel engines. It is a two part treatment technically formulated to match the higher component stresses in diesel engines. The first part consists of a proprietary cleaner applied to the crankcase prior to an oil and filter change. The second part consists of the E-S treatment which is proportional for the crankcase and fuel system /top end to ensure that it is distributed to all metal bearing surfaces of the engine's moving parts. A treatment affords protection against corrosion/scoring damage to pumps and and injectors , such as when water is present in the fuel.


For use in all small and heavy duty gearboxes, differentials (including limited slip) and manual transmissions/transfer cases, even those using automatic transmission fluid. Also equally applicable to marine and industrial gears. Note. Only use Enviro-Save Automatic Transmission Fluid Treatment in automatic transmissions.


This product is designed for use in automotive and heavy duty automatic transmissions. Note. Consult dealer for use in marine and industrial applications.


This product is designed for all shop and industrial air compressors. Custom formulating is available for compressors used in the food industry, diving, medical, refrigeration, etc.


This product is for use in all systems, from power steering, small farm equipment and excavator to large heavy duty hydraulic equipment including industrial, marine and offshore.


This is a high load rated grease. Recommended for use in chassis, wheel bearings, bushings and pins on yarders, skidders and loaders, and in all forms of process machinery and equipment in industrial mining, drilling, marine and offshore fields. 


The high quality light lube is designed to be used on bearing surfaces of new and rebuilt parts which do not require a break in point . Note. do not use on engine cylinders or rings before they have been broken in. 


Enviro-Save Metal Treatment will not void the warranty on your vehicle or equipment. As a responsible company we undertake to investigate any written challenge against our products, especially where warranty is involved. And since Enviro-Save Metal Treatment is THE BEST DEFENCE AGAINST REPAIR EXPENSE, use of Enviro-Save Metal Treatment would make a warranty claim on powertrain components less likely.

For more information see Enviro-Save Global

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