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Testimonial: Increase In Fuel Economy, Drop In Engine Temperature, Costs Saving And Improved Engine Performance: Owner/Operator Prolongs The Life Of His Work Vehicle

Testimonial: Increase In Fuel Economy, Drop In Engine Temperature, 
Costs Saving And Improved Engine Performance: Owner/Operator 
Prolongs The Life Of His Work Vehicle

Enviro-Save Products Inc.
P.O. Box 80129
Burnaby, B.C.,
V5H 3X5

June 2, 1993

Re: Treatment on Ford L8000

Dear Mr. Casperson,

In February of 1990 I purchased a new Ford L8000 with a 7.8 litre diesel engine for use as a garbage truck. It is equipped with a mT653 Allison automatic transmission. Its performance was satisfactory. The engine running temperature was approximately 200 degrees. The transmission ran at about 180 degrees. After speaking with you in 1992, I thought that Enviro-save would prove to be beneficial to the truck, especially given the challenging environment it works in. Everyday the truck was put in and out of gear almost seven hundred times, constantly stopping and going from call to call and even spending long periods of time at idle. This truck had a rigorous work schedule of fourteen hours per day, six days per week. It was working hard. Garbage trucks are often considered old after three years, and I did not want this to happen to my truck so I though I would try Enviro-Save Metal Treatment to see if it could prolong its life.

Immediately, after using the product, I noticed an increase in fuel economy. As well, the temperature in the engine dropped about 20 degrees, while the transmission dropped around 60 degrees. Even my mechanic was shocked to find such big change in drivertrain temperature. I am pleased with the cost savings and improved performance that were gained as a direct result from using your product.

L. McArthur
Double Trucking Ltd.


For more information see Enviro-Save Global

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