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Testimonial:10% Oil And 90% Fuel In The Crankshaft: No Damage

Testimonial: Enviro-Save Metal Treatment: 
10% Oil And 90% Fuel In The Crankshaft: No Damage

Enviro-Save Products Inc.
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Burnaby, B.C.
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November 19, 2001

Dear Mr. Casperson,

Six years after treating my 1990 Ford L 8000 with Enviro-Save Metal Treatment it was still going strong. However, I noticed that it was starting to smoke from the stack, more than I had every seen in all the years of owing it. I was immediately concerned and my mechanic told me that it was probably due for an in-frame rebuild. I was unprepared to lose my truck for a week, so he suggested we sent the oil out to be analysed just to make sure. We were shocked of the results. A seal had gone in the fuel pump and had been leaking fuel into the oil system for almost a month or so. At the time of the analysis, the truck had been running with 10 percent oil and 90 percent fuel in the crank shaft. When we changed the oil, the "oil" being drained out of the engine had the consistency of water. There were no metal shavings to be found. It was absolutely unbelievable that this engine had run for that amount of time as it was and without doing any damage whatsoever. When the fuel pump was rebuilt, the smoke cleared up completely.

I directly attribute the lack of damage to the engine to ENVIRO-SAVE. Without it, I am sure that my engine would have seized, as I was told it should have.

Due to contract demands, I was forced to rebuild the truck about a year or so later. This meant that I had to change the engine and transmission. After nine years and 15270 hours, the truck was in excellent condition, but I had to meet these requirements. When the engine was sent to Dams Ford, they could not believe that it had so many hours on it without being rebuilt. I was told that the average lifespan of that engine was approximately 8500 hours before it needs a rebuilt. I feel like I received two lives out of the engine and three out of the transmission.

The new engine was starting to smoke after three years, but after the treatment, the smoke stopped. This time I have treated the entire truck including the hydraulics, which has even brought these temperatures down. At the same time, I treated my 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel. I had found that the transmission was slipping when it was cold, but ENVIRO-SAVE cleared that up. As well, I have a 1990 Acura Legend which was not starting, despite the Acura mechanics telling me there was nothing wrong with it. I treated that car, and it started without any problems at all.

My heartfelt thanks once again for introducing me to such a great product. It has save me countless dollars and many headaches. Thanks again.

L. McArthur
Double Trucking Ltd.


For more information see Enviro-Save Global

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