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Testimonial: Performance Up. Fuel Consumption Down Between 5 - 10%

Testimonial: Performance Up. 
Fuel Consumption Down Between 5 - 10%

May 10, 2003

Dear Warren, 

I wanted to inform you of the results from treating my 1998 International highway tractor with your  Enviro-Save Metal Treatment Kit. 

I immediately noticed the vibration and noise disappeared in the Fuller 10 speed transmission, we could never figure out what was wrong. Easier - smoothing shifting while operating cooler was also very noticeable after treating. 

Prior to treating the 60 Series Detroit diesel, the engine did not run smoothly and it was slow in response when accelerating. After treating, vibrations disappeared, it ran much smoother and the RPM would increase immediately. It is hard to believe the change and how smooth it runs now and the operating temperature is much lower. 

Rear ends are also operating much cooler and smoother. The power steering immediately operated much smoother. Can't feel any heat on the front steering axle hubs now. Fuel consumption is down between 5 - 10%.

I experienced similar results on my F350 Diesel Pickup and look forward to treating my charter boats. 


H Parsons.
Surrey, B.C.


For more information see Enviro-Save Global

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