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Dynamometer Test: Results Shows Substantial Fuel Consumption Improvement

Dynamometer Test: Results Shows 
Substantial Fuel Consumption Improvement

March 15, 1999

To Whom It May Concern, 

In May 1992 we treated a 4 cylinder Perkins diesel engine with Enviro Save Engine Treatment at the Pacific Marine Training Institute (PMTI) in North Vancouver, B.C. Canada. PMTI is now British Columbia Institute of Technology. 

We worked closely with the staff at PMTI to evaluate the performance of Enviro-Save, when testing in their Engine Dynamometer facility. We discovered that the results were very positive after only 4 hours of operating time after the Enviro-Save Engine Treatment was administered. Unfortunately, due to the rigorous Engine dynamometer schedule at PMTI we were not able to continue running the engine after the 4 hours.

Numerous other benefits were present after treating and operating the engine for the 4 hours but the following fuel savings are very interesting and substantial. 

Fuel Consumption Improved: 

5% at 20% load
7.5% at 40% load
8% at 60% load
6.5% at 80% load
9.7% at 100% load
9.6% at 110% load

The numerous pages of computer printouts from the Engine dynamometer test proved that the testing equipment at PMTI is capable of monitoring every detail, which was important

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Warren Casperson


For more information see Enviro-Save Global

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