Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Testimonial: "The Most Incredible Produce Line The Mechanical World Has Ever Seen"

Testimonial: "The Most Incredible Produce 
Line The Mechanical World Has Ever Seen"


To Whom It May Concern, 

We have approximately $2,000,000 of heavy equipment working on our site and I would like to relate to you the amazing changes and improvements Enviro-Save Metal Treatment had done to all of it. The array of equipment we have lists out like this, Cat 980 and Terex front end loaders, two Hitachi ex 200 trac-hoes, 475 hp cat and hydraulic powered stump grinder. Duetz and hydraulic screener, cat skid-steer and numerous dump trucks, all of which have been treated with Enviro-Save power-train protection kits. 

Enviro-Save is NOT an oil additive. 

The resulting improvements are almost to numerous to list in a one page letter but suffice to say that it is the most incredible product line the mechanical world has ever seen. I will explain the results and then a couple of pieces of our equipment. 

Across the board it has reduced significantly or eliminated all together these problems, oil consumption, blow-by, smoking, noise, vibrations, heat, leaks, bleed-downs, component wear with significant improvements in performance, hp and fuel consumption. 

The Terex and the stump grinder shared the same problem all of our equipment had but I will detail their results. When we brought the Terex a few years ago, there was a note taped to the dash; add oil daily; not a teaspoon in the month since treating. The diffs; and planetary magnets could not carry any more metal; not a fleck since treating. Heavy hydraulic leaks: dry within 3-4 days, high hydraulic heat and pump noise gone in 1 day, heavy smoke and blow-by: like new. 

Repeat the above for grinder will all hyd. motors leaking: dry as new now, but the biggest problem was a large, center bearing in the grinder, extremely hot, no amount of grease touched it and we told Enviro-Dave he could never help with this. Wrong, one use of their grease and 4 hours later the bearing was cold and still is. We will grease it again in a few months.

With all of our years in heavy equipment and the related repairs and maintenance, this truly is the answer to what we all have looked for and it's a one-time only treatment for the life of the equipment to boot. Half the wear, twice the life, now we understand their Enviro Saves "One treatment normally doubles the life of components." It makes no sense to not to use Enviro Save. It's a dead straight no-brainer.

Yours truly,
S. Rogers
Operations Manager
Castle Rock
Abbotsford, B.C., 


For more information see Enviro-Save Global

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