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Testimonial: No Wear Particles In The Hydraulic Oil Filters

Testimonial: No Wear Particles In The Hydraulic Oil Filters

October 9, 2001

Dear Warren,

We thought it was time to update you on the success of using Enviro-Save Metal Treatment  in our excavators, since our last letter in 1993. Our Kamatsu PC 220 is still going strong since we treated it in 1993 and the following results are from our long term experience.

We treated the hydraulics at 2500 hours, the oil temperature was reduced by 8.4%, and the engine and drive train was treated at 3500 hours. At 9500 hours we noticed an increase in engine blow by and discovered that a piston skirt had cracked. We replaced all six pistons while we had the engine apart and were very impressed with the lack of wear on the pistons and no marks or damage to the bores. At 10,000 hours we had to replace the final drive cover bolts and inspected the thrust washers, while we had it apart. There was no sigh of wear, so we reinstalled them. Consequently, every time we checked the magnetic plugs for metal wear particles there wasn't any on the plugs. At 10,000 hours we also sent the engine fuel injection pump to New Wesminster Fuel Injection Service to have it checked. There was no sight of war on any parts and the pump was right on performance specks. At 14,000 hours we had Hydraulic Technologies in Langley check the condition and performance of the hydraulic pump. The pump checked out at 97% efficiency, which is excellent. We have never seen any wear particles in the hydraulic oil filters and all oils are extremely clean.

We are very pleased with the performances of Enviro-Save in all our our equipment and vehicles and we never hesitate to recommend it to others.

Your truly

E. Duchek
Duchek Bulldozing
Delta, B.C.


For more information see Enviro-Save Global

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