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Testimonial: Fluke 52 Meter; Hydraulic Oil Temperatures Reduced By 16.8 degrees F. or 8.4%

Testimonial: Fluke 52 Meter; Hydraulic Oil Temperatures 
Reduced By 16.8 degrees F.  or 8.4%

November 18, 1993

Attention: Mr. Warren Casperson

Dear Warren,

The following information pertains to the test we conducted on the hydraulic system of our Komatsu PC 120 Excavator to determine the benefits from using the Enviro-Save Metal Treatment.

We used a "Fluke 52" meter for recording ambient air and hydraulic oil temperatures. We installed thermocouples in the hydraulic tank and one on the outside of the operator's cab. Both temperatures were recorded three times a day for eight working days at 10.00 am, 12.00 pm and 3.30 pm prior to treating and after treating the hydraulic system. We did not record any temperatures for one week after adding the treatment to the hydraulic system so that the treatment had time to perform its function. The weather in June and July was very consistent which contributed to accuracy of conducting and monitoring an operating field test.

Our conclusion: Hydraulic oil temperatures were reduced 16.8 degrees F or 8.4%. The machine operated much quieter, less pump noise. The hydraulics were smoother to operate.

These results should definitely contribute to longer machine life and improved efficiency.

We look forward to receiving similar results from using your Metal Treatment products in the rest of our equipment and machines.

Yours truly,

Ed. D.
Duchek Bulldozing
Delta, B.C.


For more information see Enviro-Save Global

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