Saturday, 14 February 2015

Customer Testimonial: Enviro-Save Metal Treatment - 11% In Fuel Savings

West Coast Precision
Langley, B.C.,

December 21, 2013

Dear Warren Casperson, 

My business is installing gas appliances for consumers and home owners throughout the Vancouver area and lower mainland, hence I do a lot of driving with my fully loaded 1999 Ford E350 service van. The raised roof, appliances and all my equipment make for a heavy vehicle and my gas mileage wasn't impressive and since my previous experience with Enviro-Save Metal Treatment was very positive to both wallet and vehicle I purchased the 899100 Powertrain Protection Kit for my van.

After treating my E350 it immediately began running smoother, improvement in performance and a minimum of 11% fuel savings. The boost in gas mileage, performance and smoother shifting certainly convinced me that the treatment will also increase the life of my van. i know there will be less of a chance of my mechanical damage or costly repairs and I enjoy saving company time, money and the headache of any breakdowns in the long run. 

The Ford E350 owner's manual calls for oil changes every 5,000 kms, however, after treating I checked the oil and it was so clean my mechanic told me that I still didn't need a regular oil change yet. Oil doesn't wear out, it just gets contaminated and everyone I know that has used Enviro-Save comments about how their oil stays cleaner longer. So now I do regular oil changes every 7,500 kms and may increase that to 10,000 kms after checking oil conditions at 7500 kms by having an oil sample analysis done.

Enviro-Save is a great preventive maintenance product for my vehicle, economy, performance, longevity and it helps reduce global pollution in several ways. I just bought a jeep and will be buying a kit for it very soon. Thanks for the savings!

West Coast Precision


For more information see Enviro-Save Global

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