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Enviro-Save Metal Treatment Testimonial: Putting Gasoline In A Diesel Truck: What Happened?

Mountain View Safety Services Ltd
709A - 103 Avenue
Dawson Creek, B.C.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear Enviro-Save Metal Treatment,

I am writing this letter to tell about an incident that happened after I used your product. I had put the product in four of my company diesel vehicles early in the year. The vehicle that I drive is a 2007 Ford F350.

I was running low one morning in mid-March on the way to work in the morning, but knowing my truck had to make a run to Fort St. John later that morning, I decided to wait and let the yard guy fill it before heading out to Fort St. John. When I parked the truck at work the computer showed 84 km to empty. I dispatched the yard guy to Fort St. John and told him he would have to fuel the truck. 

He proceeded to the Esso station (7 Eleven) and, inadvertently, put 112 liters of gas into my diesel truck. He drove to Fort St. John AND BACK thinking, boy this truck is running rough. When he got back to the office he told us the truck was really running rough and wondered what grade of fuel we normally used because he just filled it with REGULAR. We checked the fuel receipt and sure enough he had filled it with gas. 

We immediately called the tow truck and had the truck towed to Capital Motors. They told me that after running that much with gas in it that it would probably need all new injectors and pump with the possibility of a new motor. They told me that a truck had come in the previous week with the same problem, however, that truck had been driven less time than mine had and it had cost the individual approximately $5,000.00 to repair. Capital said they would work on my truck right away and let me know. 

Later on that day I received from Capital advising that they had drained the fuel out and put in new filters and the truck had started right up and seemed to be running fine. He had sent the mechanic out on a test drive twice because they could not believe there was no damage. They said to take it home and see how it ran. 

I talked to Alvin Stedel, the Enviro-Save rep and he gave me some extra product for the motor and fuel system. I added this product and have been running my truck for 6 weeks now since that incident and the truck has not missed a beat. 

I credit the fact that I was using Enviro-Save in my truck when this incident happened. Otherwise, I cannot explain why the truck would even continue to run while being driven to Fort St. John and back while filled with gasoline. That is approximately 172 km.

Since using the Enviro-Save product, I have noticed an increase of approximately 100 km more mileage per tank of fuel and the truck runs quieter. I believe this product has save me a lot of money and I will most definitely continue to use this product. 

Managing Director
Mountain View


For more information see Enviro-Save Global

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