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Metal Treatment Product Reduces Wear And Friction: Another Satisfied Customer Saves Money

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October 6, 2010

Re: Enviro-Save Metal Treatment

Hi Alvin, 

We have treated a few units over this summer with Enviro-Save Metal Treatment. A D8N Cat, 772D John Deer Grader, Engine and hydraulics on a Versatile, a few vehicles and a 21007 IHC Tandem with 550 hp Cat engine. We also treated the wheel bearings on the tri-axle cattle liner that this truck pulls.

So far we are very pleased. We had treated a suburban several years ago while we were still in our old colony (South Peace) and we put over 500,000 km on it and then sold it. We still see it running around Dawson Creek. Who knows how many miles it has on it now.

The 2007 IHC makes regular trips to Red Deer hauling livestock. It is a return trip of 1564 km. the average fuel consumption was 815L., Since treating the power train and the trailer bearings our average is only 745 L. That is a decrease in fuel consumption of 80 L. ($70.00) per trip (from 5.196 to 5.67 mpg) about 9%. We know Enviro-Save saves fuel and the reason it saves fuel is because there is less wear.

Near as we can tell, everything you have told us about Enviro-Save is true. We plan to treat other units.



For more information see Enviro-Save Global

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