Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Testimonial: Freightliner's Transmission Saved By Enviro-Save Metal Protecton: Owner Saves Money

Hi Warren, 

We purchased  Enviro-Save Metal Treatment for our two trucks from you about four years ago. A 2000 Freightliner and a 2002 Freightliner. The 2000 truck had a water loss and didn't know were it was going. The transmission was hard to shift when it was cold, come to find out the transmission was full with water (antifreeze) with the Enviro-Save in it. We dumped it out, washed it out added new oil and transmission coolant and it works fine to this day.

My 2002 truck had the same trouble as the 2000 and we did the same to it.

It was about March 9, 2009 the transmission on my 2002 started heating to 325 degrees in Seattle, WA. I checked the oil level which was full. I drove it home to St. Thomas, ON at a very high temperature. We pulled the transmission out and replaced only the pump. We put the transmission back in and it's just like new!

I highly recommend Enviro-Save! I have it in my Thermo King units as well.

Thanks Warren!

B. Hunt.
Lei Cal Enterprises Inc.
St. Thomas, Ontario


For more information see Enviro-Save Global

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