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Enviro-Save Metal Treatment Receives Customer Endorsement: Protect Your Engine, Hydraulics And Transmission

Duchek Bulldozing
5070 Kirk Place
Delta, B.C., V4K 3G5

December 17, 2013

P.O. Box 80129
Burnaby, B.C., V5H 3X5

Attention: Mr. Warren Casperson

Dear Warren,

It has been over 20 years since we began using Enviro-Save Metal Treatment in our vehicles and road construction equipment. Our company Greenbelt Excavating has been handling our contracts over the past few years. The dollar savings have been huge from treating our vehicles, excavators, rock trucks, dozers etc..with Enviro-Save and I wanted to inform you about the following situation that amazed us.

Three years ago we treated our Volvo 25 ton 6 wheel off road rock trucks and abut 2 years ago one was working on site and all of a sudden the engine RPM increased and it began billowing black smoke like an old coal train. The operator turned the key off but the engine but the engine kept screaming way over the governed RPM with black smoke everywhere. The seal on the intake side of the turbo had blown son it was running on engine oil being pumped to the turbo bearing and then into the air intake. The engine ran like that until there was no more oil in the crankcase to feed the engine. After it finally stopped we only got 1 1/2 liters of oil when we drained the oil pan, takes 25 liters to fill it. My son was going to to call Volvo to see if they had another engine and when I said it had been treated with Enviro-Save and we are only going to change the turbo, everyone thought that I was nuts. That was about 2 years ago and today the Volvo is still running perfectly and doesn't use any oil. The cost to protect engines, hydraulics and drivelines with Enviro-Save is insignificant when component life is doubled (magnetic oil plugs show no metal) and the fuel savings.

A few years ago one of our treated excavators was backed off the working pads when working in a bog and the machine sat vertical and ran until it quit. Enviro-Save also saved us a bunch of money that time.

Our first Dodge diesel pickup truck, a 1996, was treated when it was brand new and today it has over 500,000 kilometres on it and no repairs to the engine, automatic transmissions, differentials or fuel injection system. It doesn't use a drop of oil and gets good fuel mileage for the road construction application.

We tell others about Enviro-Save but so many people are brainwashed by the equipment manufacturers and oil companies to think there is nothing available that works, other than their profit motivated recommendations. Enviro-Save has saved us a pile of money over the past 20 years

Yours truly, 

Ed. D
Delta, B.C.


For more information see Enviro-Save Global

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