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Testimonial: 5500 Km Round Trip: 10% Savings In Fuel; Reduction In Engine Temperture

Testimonial: Enviro-Save Metal Treatment: 
At 50 Degrees Celsius: 5500 km  Round Trip; 10% Savings In Fuel; 
Reduction In Engine Temperature

Dear Dave Stumpo,

Just a note to say how impressed I am with the effect the Enviro-Save Metal Treatment has had on my truck.

Within the first hour of operation I began to notice a change in the way the engine was pulling and the gear changes became smoother.

Over the course of that first trip from Perth to Adelaide, a distance of 2750 kilometres one way, the truck seemed to keep on improving.

During the daytime the ambient temperature on this run can reach almost 50C. The gear box, diff and engine oil temperatures are a concern for this type of long distance run with a constant high average speed, pulling a road train grossing 80T. We noticed a significant drop in temperature (15-25C) in all of these components and the average load factor on the Caterpillar engine dropped 8-10%, saving us about the same % in fuel.

Over time we have also been very happy to note that the oil analysis, which is part of our regular servicing program, has shown a reduction in wear with the levels reducing steadily over the first 4 or 5 service intervals and remaining low. 

This unit had covered 1.4 million kilometres when we treated it and has now done 1.85 million kilometres without a major rebuild or component change. Normally, I would be retiring a truck that does this type of work at 1.4 million kilometres and this one is still going strong. We have never bee able to achieve those sorts of numbers before.

I have since treated all of my trailer wheel bearings, as they are a problem also in this type of heat, and have not had a failure to date.

All of my vehicles, company and private, even my Harley Davidson's have now had the Enviro Save Treatment applied and I have seen an improvement in all of them.

Very Happy To Recommend Envro-Save Products

Phil Middleton
Managing Director
Middleton Freightliner PTY Ltd.


For more information see Enviro-Save Global

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